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Water Alarms

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 Your home is 85% more likely to be damaged by water than by fire 

Simple installation—set anywhere problem moisture could occur

Safe to use around children and pets

The Water Alarm has been developed to detect even the smallest amounts of water before damage can occur. Place water alarms in critical spots throughout your home can go a long way to ensure your home will be protected from the expense and destruction of water damage.

Washer Area where customers

Very affordable—buy enough units to protect your entire home for less that your insurance deductible. One-year warranty

Washing Machine leaks are some of the most common—and most destructive; the Water Alarm is essential even with an overflow  

Toilet Area where customers

Extra-loud alarm sounds at 110 db for up to 72 hours

Outer shell constructed of durable ABS plastic

                                                     A leaky or overflowing toilet can cause major floor, wall and cabinetry damage

Bathtub Area where customers

Operates on a standard 9-volt battery (not included)
Low battery warning —chirps when battery is low

Long battery life—new batteries required once a year 

Keep a Water Alarm near your water line's main valve Use the Water Alarm Anywhere problems might occur 


Sensors detect even small amounts of moisture before damage can occur; no standing water needed

water heaters where

Eliminate water heater bursts by detecting moisture at the first sign of leakage


Sensors are stainless steel—will not corrode or stain

Dishwasher Area where customer

Dishwasher leaks are far too common and often go unnoticed until they ruin floors and cabinetry 

Water Alarms Home Protection, Vanderburgh County, In Posey County, In Warrick County, In Henderson County, Ky Evansville, In Boonville, In Mt Vernon, In New Hrmony, In Wadesville, In Princeton, In Ft Branch, In Henderson, Ky

   Too many items stored under sinks can bump the pipes causing leaks

Kitchen Sink Area where

Even a few drops from pipes under leaky sinks or from disposal units can rot whole sections of expensive cabinetry

Water Heater Sensor where
Bathroom Fixtures Repaired or Installed

Water Alarm Sensor Pad Attachment Completely electronic—no moving parts to fail or wear out

Water Alarm Sump Pump Attachment 

  • Only for use with The Original Water Alarm, WA-1.
  • Use in A/C condensation pans with adjustable stands
  • Can be used with or without the stand for ultra low profile areas (i.e. under the refrigerator)
  • Daisy-chain multiple sensors to a single Water Alarm for multiple detection areas
  • Comes with 9 feet of extension wire, a 6 inch pigtail for connection to the WA-1 Water Alarm, Sensor Pad, and 1 adjustable height stand plus 1 spare stand
  • Easily attach to the bottom of the Water Alarm by gently sliding the open end of each connector on the bottom of the Water Alarm
  • 1 year warranty.

  • Only for use with The Original Water Alarm, WA-1
  • Acts as a sump pump overflow warning, bathtub full alert and hot tub full alert
  • Easily attach to the bottom of the Water Alarm by gently sliding the open end of each connector on the bottom of the Water Alarm
  • 1 year warranty


Please note that the new Water Alarm has been inproved, 1st - It no longer has the little top on it, this makes for a lower profile to help it fit in tighter areas. 2nd It now comes shaped like a square not circular. Approx: 3.25"L x 3.25"W x 1.75"H

Gizmode Low Profile  Water Alarm SKU: WA02  $24.00 each + S&H USA

Sensor Pad Attachment SKU: SP01 $20.00 each + S&H USA

Sump Pump/Bathtub Attachment SKU: SA01 $16.00 each + S&H USA 

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