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Bio Clean Septic Clean


What I need to know to take 

care of my septic system?

I recommend having your tank pumped every 3-5 years. An experienced septic pumper will check the depth of the sludge in your tank before pumping and should make pumping schedule recommendations. Best of my knowledge no septic pumpers can do what I can in my service area. So call Redi Rooter 812 297-3048 to get service so I can analyze it with your complete drainage system for you. 

Depending on your wastewater usage, water table, pumping may be necessary more or less frequently but with the use of my Bio Clean Septic Tank treatment packets I can get you where you may not have to pump your tank at all.

How long your absorption field lasts is basically a function of the volume and additives in your water that you put into your system. You should make a considerable effort to conserve water at every step. Hydraulic overloading is a main cause of early system failure. Install low flow shower heads, toilets and washing machines. 

Don’t use a garbage disposal (or use it rarely).

Don’t use system additives (chemical or otherwise) only use Bio Clean Septic Tank Additives?

Don’t construct pools or other structures over any part of your system

Don’t flush anything that won’t quickly decompose like baby wipes, tampons, paper towels etc.

Don’t plant trees or bushes near your main sewer line or in the area of your tank or absorption field

Don’t run clear water drains i.e. (foundation, basement drains, and downspouts) into your septic system

Don’t discharge your water softener to your septic system. Sodium can corrode concrete and may interfere with the soil’s structure and its ability to absorb water. If the softener must discharge to your septic system, set it to cycle less frequently. This will minimize the amount of sodium going to your septic tank.

The use of antibacterial products (laundry soaps, bleach, hand sanitizers etc.) may adversely affect your system they kill good bacteria.

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